Leading LED Lights Manufacturer in China

Are you looking for an energy-efficient and affordable LED lighting product like Philips lighting? If yes, welcome to LUCKY. As a main LED lighting manufacturer in China, LUCKY is a high-tech enterprise which works on research, development, production and promotion of LED lighting product. We provide high-quality LED lamp and thoughtful services to industrial and commercial users. Our products cover LED grille light, LED high bay light, LED panel light, LED flood light, LED tube light, LED down light, LED tubes, LED bulb, etc. Our lighting equipment is of various sizes and all our products adopt light emitting diode as light source. With advantages of high luminous efficacy, energy saving, environmentally friendly and long service life, our product is popular among customers. Especially the energy-saving LED light bulb, which has been widely used in factory, workshop, warehouse, shopping mall, gymnasium, square, park, supermarket, exhibition hall and other illumination places, is the first choice for home LED light and industrial lighting. As a professional decorative light and lighting product manufacturer and exporter in China, we have a professional R&D group which knows LED lighting market situation and lighting product demand around the world. Therefore, we can not only provide excellent LED lights and competitive lighting solutions, but also can customize special product according to customers’ requirements. Welcome to contact us freely. More

Main products
    1. UFO Series LED High Bay Light

      The flat body design effectively prevents dust accumulation, and thus the lamp maintenance cost is reduced.

    1. SP Series LED High Bay Light

      We optimize heat emission design of our product, greatly improving its service life to 50,000 hours.

    1. SH Series LED High Bay Light

      The LED high bay light has passed CE and RoHS certification, and its wires meet the UL and VDE standards.

    1. Dimmable LED Panel Light

      With thickness of 9mm, our dimmable LED panel light can be used to make all kinds of signs or billboards.

    1. New LED Flood Light

      With optimized design, the new 3030 LED flood light has beautiful appearance and high waterproof level of IP65.

    1. T8 LED Tube Light

      Our product has excellent lighting effects, even in hazy environment. It produces no dark area along both sides.

  • Application
    1. Office Office is a significant place which is used to work, deal daily affair and hold conference. Office lighting with proper luminance and light distribution can protect your eyes, improve your working efficiency and save energy.
    1. Factory For large factory and workshop, ordinary bulb has low luminance, high power and flicker. People would have eyestrain problem and low working efficiency under that light. Our LED high bay light can solve these problems perfectly.
    1. Hall Large indoor hall lighting needs excellent luminance, high anti-dazzle level and low thermal radiation. Most traditional lamps can not realize remarkable luminous effect because the height of hall is generally more than 10 meters.
    1. Square and Advertisement Board Advertisement board and square illumination require partial lighting and they need the lighting equipment to have high protection level of IP65. The requirement is very high because maintaining the advertisement board and square is inconvenient.
    1. Building Our LED flood light has plenty of color temperatures and colors, and can be equipped with infrared sensors. With high protection level and excellent quality, our LED flood light is suitable for decorating large buildings.